Find your Next High Dollar Donor with Us 

We are transforming the way that nonprofits approach fundraising by leveraging the power of email and SMS to increase visibility, identify donors, and motivate people to give. We help nonprofits expand their reach across the globe and into the hearts and inboxes of prospective donors. 

Digital Fundraising That Works 

As our world shifts from print to digital, reaching donors online has never been more essential to the life of a nonprofit. We have found that email is the most low-cost, high performing medium for reaching new donors across the board. From the conception of Blitz Digital Group, we made email a priority. We tested, found, and curated the best premium email lists in the US to find and target donors for every type of mission.  

Building Donor Loyalty 

From the first handshake to the first dollar donated, we help you turn emotions into actions, converting complete strangers into life-long followers, donors, and givers. Our approach to email marketing is both formulaic and tailored: after years of testing lists, landing pages, and strategic email workflows, we have created and perfected a system that we know will work for you. 

Delivering your Message to their Inboxes 

At the heart of our unique approach to fundraising is the simple, life-transforming magic of the pen. Our team of skilled copywriters craft targeted messaging that gives life to the meaning behind what you do every day. Unlike other agencies in the industry, we take the time to understand, shape, and drive home your nonprofit’s core message. We give you the space to focus on your mission, while we do the heavy lifting: crafting targeted, longform emails to donors that inform, inspire and, ultimately, motivate them to act.

Fundraise Risk-Free with Blitz 

We know that trust is earned over time. Our low-risk approach to marketing gives you the added benefit of being able to invest just a little to see big returns. We offer various packages and services for every price point. Fill out the form below to contact our team for more information.