Andrew Mowry

Account Manager, Blitz Digital Group

As Senior Client Strategist, Andrew formulates plans to achieve clients’ long-term fundraising goals while also directing strategic email campaigns. Andrew took on the task of launching new clients quickly and saw immediate success — growing Blitz’s largest clients and helping them raise millions.

Before joining Blitz, Andrew moved around the nation working on dozens of political campaigns before working as the Chief Legislative Aide to an elected official in Northern Virginia. While on the campaign trail, Andrew ran his own consulting company that managed and designed digital and grassroots strategies for state legislative and congressional campaigns across the country.

Andrew holds a Master’s Degree in Communication Studies from West Virginia University and is always looking for ways to use his expertise to optimize his clients’ performance. He currently lives in Martinsburg West Virginia with his wife, Emily and their two dogs, W. and Monroe. He enjoys practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu and his Second Amendment rights.

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